Thursday, 16 February 2012

Breath of fresh air

I headed off to the Simonside hills today for a change of scenery and to make the most of my annual leave from work. Weather was quite mild leaving Morpeth but I had my hat, gloves, wrag and double base layers just incase! Once I reached Lordenshaws car park it had become very overcast with a few spots of rain beginning to fall. I was prepared!

I set off on one of the marked courses aiming to do about 5/6 miles of easy hill running. Upon the ascent to Dove Crag the wind picked up very quickly and it was quite literally blowing a hoolie. I felt good and was enjoying the trip out
It was great getting into the hills, I don't do it often enough, but isn't that aways the same. Must make extra effort to vary my training runs.

It's the Royal signals road relays this Saturday and I'm running for the cub's B team. A 2 mile sprint, DO NOT GO OFF TOO FAST JOHN!

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