Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Best foot forward

I'm back running again after a two week break to rejuvenate and to allow a few niggles to settle down. I took this decision so I would be ready and raring to go when my Highland Fling training plan kicks in at the end of December. 16 weeks of training building up to my first ultra marathon. I'm really looking forward to it, something new and something which I know will be tough but fulfilling (and thinking of the long term goal of course!).

During my two weeks off I did a little cycling but nothing too strenuous, kind of got used to doing nothing really. It was a good decision as now I'm recharged and focussed on the job in hand. I'm going to make sure I build up slowly as I'm pretty fed up of setbacks this year. Back to the club on Thursday for a track session, should be interesting and tough!

Hoping to do a recce of the Lakes 50 around the weekend of the 22nd December, should be a good day out.

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