Tuesday, 11 March 2014

National Cross Country Championships and Brough Law fell race

National Cross Country Championships, Nottingham, 22nd February 2014

Wollaton Park, Nottingham was the destination for this year's National Cross Country Championships. A three and a half hour 'entertaining' journey on a sunny, cool day was well justified. The event was fantastic and a great experience being my first one.
Wollaton Park

It was a lovely setting and the course had a bit of everything. Mud, trail, long grass, hills and even a large tree trunk to leap over on each lap. The mass start was a joy to be part of, all in starting pens and aiming for the same corner at the top of the first climb.

Three Musketeers
You had to be very careful here, not to be trampled on and not go off too fast. I got away with both and eased into a steady pace which I maintained for the rest of the race. Needless to say, the mud was like running through treacle by the final lap and was energy sapping.

I was well pleased to finish 233rd out of a field of around 1600 and ninth counter for Morpeth. I'll be back for next year's, wherever that will be.

Brough Law, 9th March 2014

Great conditions greeted the competitors and spectators at this year's Brough Law fell race at Ingram.  It was mild for this time of year, around 9 degrees with a bit of a wind on the tops. Sunny intervals though with no rain and the ground was quite firm with only a few boggy areas. What a turnout too, record number of 120+ and a Northumberland Fell Runners Grand Prix counter so lots of NFR vests milling about the start area.

First climb

As always, it was a very well organised event with very supportive marshalling throughout. The weather was so good that kit wasn't required!

On a personal level, I was chuffed with 4th spot, second counter for NFR so I have some GP points on the board.  The first mile sets the tone for the rest of your race as it is a canny climb for just short of a mile before the horizon opens up to the tops of the hills. I felt reasonably ok until the second climb and felt quite tired but was spurred on by the oncoming NFR vests behind me. 

Well done to all competitors and thanks again to Will H and John T for a great morning.

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  1. Parliament Hill Fields, Hampstead Heath for the Nationals next year I'm told - you'll need your passport as it's 'darn sarf'!

    Good run BTW!