Saturday, 24 March 2012

Welcome boost

I've had a pretty lackadaisical attitude towards running over the past couple of weeks, a mixture of tiredness and work pressures. I have also been putting a little too much pressure on myself to improve. Since January I've not really had much of a rest so this week I tapered off considerably and even doing a half session at the club on Thursday.

My aim - to rejuvenate and be in a better position to rectify my poor park run the other week. I chose today to do the deed but forgot that it was also harrier league time at Prudhoe (which would've been enjoyable with all the hills!). But I stuck to my plan.

I arrived at the town moor and it was pea soup, temperature was spot on and no wind. no excuses! I ensured a proper warm up this time, 2 miles with a few strides and stretches thrown in for good measure. Having started the previous park run like a bat out of hell then suffering badly at the end, I held myself back on the first mile. At 1 mile I was in 5th position, happily cruising at a consistent pace. By 3k I was up to 4th and in sight of 2nd and 3rd. This kept me going and dug deep for the last mile. I finished in 4th with a PB of 17:18.

Feels like a weight has been lifted, I can now move on!

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