Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Elswick Good Friday relays, Newburn Business Park

A decent day at the annual Good Friday relays. Conditions were good although the route had changed significantly following a fire at one of the leccy pylons a few weeks ago. It was basically an "out and back" and then "out and back" again course. Still, a short 2.25 mile blast. A bit unnerving when I was informed I'd be in the Morpeth "B" team - a bit above my station to be honest, better runners were in the 'C' team.
Nevertheless I ran the 3rd leg a little too quick at the start which meant I tied up at the end. Talk about treading water with full length waders! Morpeth A won the race and the B team came 5th. Well done to all who competed, good atmosphere. NT 10k 2 days later, this would prove too much for one weekend!

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