Sunday, 30 September 2012

Kielder blast fell race 29/09/2012 5.9 miles, 1,558'

I headed over to Kielder on Saturday morning feeling a bit under the weather. I felt the onset of a cold creeping up on me for the past few days but the Kielder Blast fell race was the first English Championship race in Northumberland so I had to do it. It was also being held on the same day as the Sherman Cup, no way I would have put in any kind of respectable position for that.

On the journey over it was blowing a hoolie but thankfully it was dry for the duration. With all the wet weather recently the terrain was very boggy with a few shoe sucking bogs en route. I hung back at the start and tried to enjoy it, conscious of the fact that my position was going to be poor. I have to say that the route was great, up and down, through forest, along trail, hard ascents and fast descents. I do hope this will be held again.

I reached the finish in around 1:11, the distance on the garmin read 6.9miles. A little further than advertised but more time to enjoy the route.

On another note - chip timing on a £4 fell race. Unbelievable, huge thanks to the organisers.

Some great views of Kielder water on the journey home. It reminded me that the marathon is next weekend and I have a chance of a number.... dare I do it as a long training run?

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  1. Just over 7 on my Garmin - you must have taken a quick short-cut at some point - local knowledge? Beautiful location - good luck in the marathon if you do it.