Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Blaydon Race 2014

The last time I ran the Blaydon race was in 2012, where I was running with undiagnosed anaemia. It was a day to forget. I found myself stopping after the first mile and had to take walking breaks on a frequent basis.  It was an odd feeling, not knowing what was wrong and watching streams of runners leave me in their wake.

Nevertheless, that's a long way behind me now. I was on the start line at Balmbra's waiting patiently for the 7:15pm kick off. The weather was good, although very warm. I couldn't help but admire the athleticism of the elite runners warming up.  I was pretty well placed at the start, uncomfortable for anyone with claustrophobia though. 25 minutes of waiting and unable to stretch the legs can't be good for you. But good crack with the other runners.

The gun went dead on time and we were off, runners coming from all directions jostling for position. It's a rather tricky start where you have to be careful not to get barged over and to avoid bollards. Once on the Scotswood road, it was nice to just focus on pace and enjoy the ride.

The first 5k flew by, moving up the field at a steady rate with a parched mouth. I passed the chap who beat me into second place at the Blyth 10k. I was thinking it was going well!  I ran with my training partner for a while, helping each other along, taking in the crowd and support which gave us a boost.  I paid the price for wearing my old inov8's when a blister appeared on the outside of  my left foot. #slinflint

By the 5 mile point I was starting to fade, the last section seemed to go on forever. I dug deep and crossed the line in 29:56, 17th place. One of my best races. My calf's can vouch for that.

Excellent turn out from Morpeth Harriers. Another grand pric race ticked off.  Well done to everyone who competed and for their support. Top ale too!

Windy Gyle next, after a Bob Graham Round leg this weekend. Hoping for good weather.

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