Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Brough Law and Rowling End

Brough Law

Ready for the off - Brough Law
A while ago I put my name forward to take over the reigns for the Brough law fell race.  This offer was taken up so in 2016 I will be race organiser! Scary.  So, on a gorgeous March day, I turned up at Bulby's wood car park at 7am to meet the current organiser and to learn the ropes.  This entailed setting up the course and registration.  I would, of course, preferred to be running the race but still too early in my recuperation.
As it was the organiser's last race, the fee was only one pound.  I won't go into the detail but there weren't enough numbers to go around which made for a hectic finish to the race.  I'm looking forward to next year, although I think it'll be more than £1!  I'm trying to think of an incentive too, a small prize perhaps.  Must advertise early!

Rowling End

Not a bad view - Rowling End

On the weekend of Friday the 13th March, my wife and I (along with Jasper) had a lovely cottage break over in the Lake District.  We stayed at Rowling End in the Newlands Valley, just up the road from Stair.  The cottage was ideal, perfect for two people with energetic pooch.  The view from the front of the cottage was towards Cat Bells, with Causey Pike at the rear.  It was just what we needed, to get away for a bit and get some peace and quiet. I also got through my birthday under the radar!

Dale Head - Waltz route
I managed to nip out on the Sunday to recce the Anniversary Waltz fell race route.  I loved the route and I've put an entry in for the race on 20th April.  Hoping I'll be back in some sort of shape by then.  It was great to be out in the mountains on my own, taking in the views and going at my own pace.  There was still a dusting of snow on the tops but it wasn't cold.  Shorts and helly were all that were needed.

I've been back to the club for the last two weeks and had some decent sessions.  Still having a bit of jip on the longer runs though.  Trying not to dwell on it!  Stretching, strengthening, cycling, swimming should help too.....

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  1. Glad to see you're on your way back. Belated birthday wishes - was it a significant one? I had a significant one on the 12th.