Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Laid bare

It is now 18th February. I had my OP on the 2nd February.  Not pleasant and most definitely worse than I had anticipated.  I had seen the consultant on Wednesday, 28th January to discuss my options after a period of rest and physio hadn't solve the problem.  He decided he needed to intervene and perform the Inguinal ligament release procedure which would hopefully cure my Sportsman's groin.  He also mentioned that "while i'm in there, I'll check for any weaknesses or hernia's and if there are I'll repair and reinforce the area".

Recovery walk
I arrived on the ward at 7:30am as requested.  I was to be number three on the list.  Not too bad, I thought.  Should be done by lunchtime....  I was called at 12:15pm!  When I came around it was approximately 3pm and I felt sick, very sore and wasn't entirely with it.  It's difficult to describe the pain, like your core has been ripped out, stamped on and squashed back in.  I spent a couple of hours on the ward to recover, having to be able to pee before I was allowed to be discharged.  I left the hospital in a wheelchair at 6pm.  The discharge letter stated bilateral inguinal hernia repair!  The road to recovery began.

So, I had a week of doing nothing apart from hobble around the house.  Every time I moved it was uncomfortable.  Sleep was difficult, but every day was better than the previous one.  Week two, plenty walking the dog and trying to be on my feet as much as possible, also some cycling.  Week three, a couple of runs, slow ones.  The ache is almost gone but will take time.  Overall I do feel more flexible and hopeful that the op has done the job.  We shall see.

Oh, I did manage to recce the Brough Law fell race route, not that I'll be doing it this year..
Brough Law - top race


  1. Good luck with your recovery.

  2. Hopefully it will be a speedy recovery

  3. Hope you are recovering well and running again soon.

  4. おだいじに
    (Odaiji ni - said to ill/injured people in Japan, meaning, get well soon!)