Saturday, 30 June 2012

Inching forward

After the doctors' diagnosis of a fracture I decided to see a private specialist for a thorough investigation incorporating an ultrasound scan. The scan proved beyond doubt that the tendon over the talus was significantly inflamed, no fracture! A relief but still time off.

Electro therapy and laser treatment later, and a bill (not too bad actually) I was advised that I could run, little but often. This was 4 days ago, I had my first run today. An easy 5 miles. Hard work seeing as I hadn't run for well over a week but pleased I came through quite optimistic!

Chevy chase on Saturday followed by borrowdale at the beginning of august then Ben Nevis at beginning of september. If I go to Chevy, it'll be a jog!

Biked to work 3 times this week, around 100 miles. Thoroughly enjoying the bike. Wish i'd taken it up a long time ago. Certainly helping! Noticed it was the cyclone today, could be a goer next year.

Off to a team building assault course tomorrow, my fear of heights will be tested! No running or bike.

Next update may be about the Chevy done or the Chevy that could have been!

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Finally bit the bullet and went to the doctors for a diagnosis on the ankle. It hasn't been right since Gisborough moors fell race back in April when I went over on it but managed to finish the race. I've been resting and running and biking and resting. Not painful, only in certain stances and positions but very uncomfortable.

Doctor diagnosed it as Avulsion fracture of the ankle. Rest, no off road running for at least 4 weeks. Hell. Chevy chase is in 2 weeks followed by borrowdale. I need to get it sorted in time for Ben Nevis, beginning of September. We'll see how it goes. Missing the lads at harriers, and the crack. Frustrating!

For now it's bike, bike and more bike!!

Friday, 15 June 2012