Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ultra training

3 weeks into my 16 week training plan for the Highland fling ultra marathon and all is going well. Two quality sessions at the club per week and back to back long runs at the weekend with some sort ones in-between mean I'm on schedule. The long runs are going to get longer. Need to read up on nutrition and what to plan for during the race.
I'm really enjoying the club sessions, especially the track. I'm maintaing some speed but it's a shame it's out of action at the moment with all the white stuff coming down recently.
I should probably get a race in soon before my form plummets!

Not even going to mention a certain football club performing like an already relegated team. Surely not....

Looking forward to a long run tomorrow, like running on candy floss! Hope it doesn't freeze overnight.

Chapel wood (19/01/2013)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hillforts and Headaches 1st January 2013, 3 miles, 1020'

Had a grand New Year's day race this morning over in Rothbury at the Hillforts and Headaches annual race.

A bit of a breezy affair with a definite cold snap in the air so I was expecting to get a battering on the top.

I checked in at registration in the Newcastle Hotel and passed over 4 groats for the pleasure. A couple of miles warm up on part of the route helped loosen the legs and acclimatise to the hills somewhat.

We set off at a steady pace which was most welcome as I have a tendency to shoot off and spend all my energy early doors. I moved up the field concentrating on my own running and not worrying about other runners. I felt quite good and maintained my position after the first mile right through to the end.

It was blowing a hoolie on top but I was well chuffed with a 7th place finish winning me a bottle of ale. Now that's a proper prize! A great start to the year, have a good one!