Sunday, 6 May 2012

State of play

Having discovered that my ankle ligaments had been strained during the Gisborough Moors fell race, I have been on a rehab mission for the past couple of weeks. The day after Gisborough my ankle was swollen and very stiff. This was another wake up call, injuries have been coming far too frequently recently. Damned frustrating! Needless to say my planned Cheviot summit race was a write off, a shame as I really enjoyed it last year.

I returned to the club sessions last week (I had been training, but mostly on my own since the NT 10k). I have also seen the healing hands of my sports therapist who gave me some tip top advice to get over the ankle issue and to try and relieve the achilles tenderness once an for all. Simple strengthening exercises with a weight and a tea towel has worked wonders, especially as I can do it at work while sitting at my desk!! The week has gone well, just need to get the quality sessions under my belt as I'm quite a way off the pace at the moment.

Had a great run today around one of the usual routes but in reverse. Tranwell, Whalton, Murton, Molesden and Mitford, Around 16 miles this morning and the ankle held up wonderfully. It was best to stick to the roads today as I didn't want to risk the ankle off road so soon.

Still looking forward to the Borrowdale trail half marathon in 2 weeks time. Beautiful part of the world. Blaydon race number collected too (and entered the London Marathon ballot - heat of the moment I think!- if I get in then I'll deal with it then). Ben Nevis in September too!

I have introduced some weights to my weekly activities, just 30-60mins of bar bells, dumb bells etc. Also thinking of scrounging a second hand bike for a bit of variety. Good for the quads!

My plans to do an ultra next year are still near the top of my list!

Back to the club tomorrow and hoping to have a good quality week, careful not to pick up another injury!!

PS - the barefoot running is going brilliantly - doing at least one session per week at the moment (4-5 miles on grass or sand).

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