Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Happy Year

Christmas 2014 has been a quiet affair this especially as it has been running-free.  Consultation following an MRI mid-December revealed my ongoing groin issues are down to Sportsman's groin aka Sports hernia (  Treatment for this is physical therapy and rest. Six weeks of rest!  I'm already into week three and still have my finger nails so not doing too bad.  I'm hoping that this period will sort out the problem and I can return to running in February.

I've spent some quality time with the family and had some nice long walks with our now one year old springer spaniel, Jasper.

I managed a bike ride today via spectating at the Morpeth 11k.  Canny windy!  It beats the turbo trainer which I find incredibly dull.

Happy New Year, let's hope it is a prosperous one.


  1. Hope you still have your finger nails after next 3 weeks too. Sure you will still have a successful 2015